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When it comes solar park consultants in India, We offers the expertise as well as tools required to provide the best possible solution to clients across categories. We have worked on various projects of solar park in India. Right from conceptualisation to installation, we offer an extensive bouquet of services that helps industrial units adapt to the solar way of manufacturing

Needless to say, solar panel installation brings with it, the advantages of the process becoming cost effective, eco-friendly and more efficient. Additionally, Solar panels reduce the reliance on electricity and power coming from non-renewable sources of energy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Investing in a solar power project is safer?
1. Less Maintenance
2. 25 years manufacturer’s warranty of solar panels
3. Life of project is atleast 25 years
4. High insolation sites are still available
5. Power generation is steady and predictable
6. Thousands panel makes a park.
7. Faulty panel will result in at most 0.1 % drop in electricity
8. PPA rate is higher because of “reverse bidding” system
9. Large chunk of land is bought for a park
10. Huge benefit from land appreciation value after 25 years
11. Solar Industry is in nascent stage
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Government policies and Target

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India currently suffers from a major shortage of electricity generation capacity, even though it is the world's fourth largest energy consumer after United States, China and Russia.

. Around 562% of India's installed electricity capacity is met by coal fired plants.

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Solar power being renewable and cleanest source of energy, it holds the key for sustainable economic development.

For “Make in India” campaign to be successful, we have to look beyond conventional sources of energy.

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Here are some key government policies and target:

To install 100 GW by 2022.
Power to all citizens by 2019.
RBI guidelines to add renewable sector as priority sector in banks.
Setting up dedicated transmission corridors.
Low cost financing support from bilateral and multilateral agencies.
Proposed Amendments in Electricity Act including open access reforms and enhancement of RPOs(Renewable Purchase Obligation).
There are lots of factors which make the solar the most favorable of all renewable sources.
High Solar insolation in India.
Solar energy is easily accessible and available in abundance.
Solar energy is free of cost.
Pollution free.
Most environmental friendly renewable source of power.
Plummeting price of solar panels.

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